Show and Tell Friday

One of the best parts of my Facebook Page is the community that is gathering there. We have a lot of fun and we help each other through prayer on a weekly basis. 

On Fridays we have Show & Tell. Everyone is suppose to post a photo of something they have made that week. Take a look at some of the things people made this week.

Paper Pumpkin alternatives So Shelli May 2019

Janie made alternate card ideas with her May 2019 Paper Pumpkin kit designed by Shelli

Cards from Patricia

Patricia makes cards for her local hospital to be given to the patients on their meal trays. She gets volunteer credit time for her labor. She donates all the materials.

Dog sympathy

Judith recently had to have her sweet dog put to sleep. She made this card to give to her vet to express her appreciation of their compassion.

Quilt idea

Carol Potter is a long time quilt maker. She is a big fan of my work, but as she told me, she's never understood why someone would cut paper and then glue it to a card front. I said, why do you cut fabric and sew it back together? It's the same thing. We make new patterns and designs with different medium, but it's the same idea!

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